Iroquois Middle School - School Improvement

The School Improvement Plan (SIP) is a planning tool designed to address student achievement and system needs identified through the school's Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA).

Additionally, the SIP provides a method for schools to address the school improvement planning requirements of Public Act 25 of the Revised School Code and the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA).

The Chippewa Valley School District Plan is posted on, under the For Parents tab. Additional information about School Improvement Plans can be found on the Michigan Legislature website.

Iroquois Middle School: Accreditation

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AdvancEd Goals for 2016-2017

1. All students will be proficient in math.
2. All students will be proficient in reading.
3. All students will be proficient in writing.
4. All students will improve science proficiency with an emphasis on data interpretation and critical thinking.
5. All students will be proficient in social studies.

School Accreditation

School Accreditation engages the entire school community in a continuous process of self-evaluation, reflection, and improvement. To earn accreditation, schools or districts must meet the AdvancED standards, engage in continuous improvement, and demonstrate quality assurance through internal and external review. The standards are based in the research on the factors that impact student achievement. The accreditation process helps schools and districts bring together all the parts of the school or district to improve student and organizational performance.


The five standards address the following areas:
1. Purpose and Direction
2. Governance and Leadership
3. Teaching and Assessing for Learning
4. Resources and Support Systems
5. Using Results for Continuous Improvement


Here at Iroquois, we are constantly looking to improve student learning and foster the best possible learning environment for our students.