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Principal's Letter

May 2023 


Dear Students and Parents/Guardians:  

As our students begin to focus on closing out the 2022/2023 school year, we would like to take a moment to welcome all members of the class of 2027 and their families to Dakota’s Ninth Grade Center and tell you that we are working hard to make sure that the transition to high school is a successful one! To keep you informed and help you plan your summer, we would like to share some information with you regarding our Ninth Grade Cougar Day in August.  

We will be hosting our Ninth Grade Cougar Day on Tuesday, August 22nd, to welcome our incoming freshman class and provide an efficient way for students to start the school year. Final details are still being worked out for this event, but our plan is to allow students the opportunity to come into the building on the 22nd. We will communicate more information about times as soon as plans are finalized.  

While attending Cougar Day, all Ninth-Grade students will be able to pick up their tentative class schedule and have the opportunity to find their lockers and navigate the building. We are also planning on students using this time to check out any textbooks they will need, get their district issued laptop, and also have their school pictures taken. Even if students do not plan to purchase pictures, students will still need to get their photos taken so they can receive a school identification card. Students will always need to carry their ID cards with them when on school property. Students are also reminded to dress appropriately and in accordance with our school dress code for their school picture on Cougar Day.  

For Parents of students with any type of medical issues, Cougar Day is a great opportunity to make sure all required paperwork for prescription medications, health plans, etc. is up to date. All forms related to student medical issues can be found at https://www.chippewavalleyschools.org/for-parents/medication-forms/. This link provides forms for prescription medication dispensation, as well as forms to outline details and treatment plans for situations such as asthma attacks, seizures, food allergy reactions and diabetic emergencies. The importance of the school having these forms on file for students with medical conditions cannot be emphasized enough. To that end, if your student has a medical condition or regularly takes medication, please take advantage of our Cougar Day to file your paperwork so that we can best serve your student and respond to their needs appropriately.  

Further information regarding our upcoming Cougar Day will be sent out later this summer through School Messenger, as well as posted to our school’s website. We look forward to seeing the class of 2027 on August 22nd! 




Jonathan A. Jones
Principal, Dakota Ninth Grade Center