Chippewa Valley Schools (CVS) encourages and appreciates volunteer participation in our school’s programs and activities.  There are many opportunities to volunteer and to actively participate, which adds significant value and helps build a stronger school community.  

These guidelines are designed to provide you with information to help assist you in your volunteer assignments.  

If you volunteer for any school program or activity, you should make prior arrangements with the teacher/coach with whom you will work.  Please be aware of building safety protocols that may restrict onsite visits.

ALL volunteers must complete the School Volunteer Criminal Record Check (CRC) Form.  Once you have made arrangements to participate in an event, you will receive an email containing instructions to submit your request.  This process is ONLINE only.  You must complete this process no later than 2 weeks before the event date.

Failure to adhere or comply may result in a recommendation to revoke the volunteer status.

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