Chippewa Valley Schools has adopted PaySchools Central as an online payment resource for the parents in our district.  Our goal in utilizing PaySchools Central is to become "cash free" in our schools by April 2019.

Erie Elementary will begin using PaySchools Central as of March 4, 2019.  In order to use it you will need to create a parent account.  You can access the link from the link below.  Once you create your account, you will link your student(s) to your account using the following information:

     Student ID Number

     Student First Name

     Student Last Name

In order for the program to run correctly, you should use Google Chrome - other browsers like Internet Explorer do not work.  PaySchools Central accepts credit/debit card and checks (ACH).

There are tabs for 'Assgined Fees' and 'Optional' Fees.  Assigned fees are things that your student owes - lost library books, text books, un-returned equipment and damaged property fees.  Please check both tabs when making payments.

Parent Account Quick Guide

PaySchools Central Link