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Making Choices That Promote Success in Athletics and in Life

Chippewa Valley Schools and Chippewa Valley Coalition for Youth and Families

have partnered to implement Life of An Athlete. Life of an Athlete is intended to promote our student athletes success in sports and in life by encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

Who We Are

Life of an Athlete is based on the research of John Underwood, Director and Founder of the Life of an Athlete – Pure Performance – Human Performance Project, based in Lake Placid, New York.  John has worked with Olympic and professional athletes to improve performance for many years. He has consulted extensively with the Navy Seals. John Underwood’s research focuses on the sports performance effects of diet and sleep and the negative consequences of athlete use of alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs and prescription drug abuse.  Life of an Athlete engages athletes, coaches, parents, and community in promoting excellence in our athletic program and the leadership skills of our athletes.

Life of an Athlete Survey

Please note: The Chippewa Valley Schools Life of an Athlete Survey  is only available to Chippewa Valley Schools students and staff.

Life of an Athlete Chippewa Valley Schools Survey