Student Leadership

In recent years, there have been a significant number of incidents where student athlete leaders have been involved in drug use, out of character behavior, and even criminal acts. The LoA program works to reverse this trend by being proactive in regard to prevention and intervention programs.

The program encourages a methodology for selection of team leaders that goes beyond skills and popularity. Leaders must be chosen based on the five “C’s” of an effective leader.

Five C's of an Effective Leader

Competence: has the necessary skills and knowledge of the strategies, fitness, conditioning, and healthy behavior.

Character: demonstrates attitudes that relate to moral strength including responsibility, accountability, dedication, trustworthiness, fair play, and self-control.

Civility: exhibits consideration for others through respect, fairness, and caring.

Citizenship: respects the team and community by consistently demonstrating commitment, teamwork, and role modeling.

Chemical Health: maintains a zero tolerance of alcohol and illegal drug use and supports the team’s zero tolerance policy through role modeling, communication, and enforcement.

Having trouble making a decision? Learn how to choose an effective leader using The Five C’s of an Effective Leader Assessment.

Once chosen, the coach should encourage and develop the leadership skills of the selected individual. The student can be the conduit between the coach and the team having a strong influence for good over teammates. However, a team leader can help or hurt team dynamics, so it is important to have a team leader who can be effective as a role model and command the respect of teammates. to make a positive difference in the life of every member of your team!