A Farewell from your Principal, Ms. Diane Zatkoff

The Bridge to the Main Building

Ninth grade students will be making their move to the Main Building in the fall of 2017, and the first question that comes to mind:  Where did the time go?  This year just flew by; students matured both socially and academically.  Students will be celebrating on Thursday, June 15th out on the track for the annual Field Day/Bridge Ceremony.  The festivities will begin in the gym, where the Main Building Administrative Team will be introduced.  Then, the students will file out to the track for a fun-filled afternoon.  A DJ will be rockin’, an obstacle course, jousting arena, basketball rapid fire, volleyball, badminton, soccer, football, bags, Frisbee, jump ropes will all be available, and some will just sit around and sign yearbooks!  A great way to end a successful school year.

The Ninth Grade Center staff want to offer some parting advice as students move ahead and prepare to walk in June of 2020.  According to Stephen Sokolowski, author of Village, ninth grade students need to follow the NINE tips for success in the Main Building.

9.  Life isn’t fair – This saying is uttered so much that everyone begins to forget exactly what it means, and nobody stops to consider its meaning.  Not only is life not fair, but no matter what you do, you can’t make life fair.  Regret is an empty emotion.  If things don’t go your way, there’s only one action you can take:  accept consequences and try again!

8.  Take a wide variety of courses – Don’t leave high school with the regret of missing out on a class that you wanted to try.  Take a wide range of courses, regardless of intended college major.  Woodworking, graphic arts, art, music, AP classes, weight lifting – if you see a course you might enjoy or think might be of benefit in the future, take a chance and schedule it.

7.  Keep your grades up! – All the transitional programs for helping students succeed in their freshman year must be applied for continued success as a sophomore.  Treat each course as if it could determine the rest of your life.  Depending on your goals, it could.

6.  Ask around before entering the building – One huge mistake is not investigating the courses and the lay-out of the building.  Make sure you selected courses for you, not because your friends took the course.  Becoming an informed student is another step on the road to success.

5.  Don’t be intimidated by college planning – In today’s world, successful people plan well ahead of the times.  The college admissions process is simpler than you might think.  Ignore all the rhetoric and decide where you would succeed and be happy, and stick to your decision.

4.  Learn to drive at 16 – This important skill of driving is very valuable to everyday life as a high school student.  Many seemingly insignificant tasks that would normally require days to be completed could be finished in a short time when one has the ability to drive to obtain whatever is needed.  Driving back and forth from school every day is not the suggestion, driving to commonplace activities in which many young people participate frequently saves a lot of hassle when responsible to drive yourself.

3.  Don’t be afraid to pursue relationships – Become enthusiastic about attending school dances, don’t be nervous about not having mastered the ability to dance.  Become sociable, step out and attend athletic contests, join clubs, attend the musical, variety show, concerts – don’t let this time fly by without becoming an active member.

2.  Be your own person – Peer pressure plays a huge role in high school life.  Watch out for the popular “cliques” that appear exclusive to certain people.  Most of these social “cliques” tend to “pull together” once the school year begins.  Don’t worry about not being a part of a social group, join a school club!  Be your own person and do what you want to do.

1.  Get involved  - “That’s the NUMBER 1 tip!”  Your teachers, parents, older siblings, and just about everyone says every day, “Get involved!”   Participate in activities that you enjoy to add a new dimension to your life, but don’t join just to join – become an active member.  If you don’t get involved early, you are missing out on exciting experiences that could never be had otherwise.