Welcome Class of 2020!
Principal Ms. Diane Zatkoff


Raising the Academic Bar

Chippewa Valley’s Ninth Grade Center is committed in taking our students to the next level academically.  The Michigan Merit Curriculum is as tough as any in the country, and CV is working diligently to give our students the opportunity to become successful across the curriculum.  The most important challenge we will face is preparing our students for the future.  To do this, we must raise the level of rigor we expect from ALL our students and begin preparing every student to reach higher expectations.  Improving high school student achievement will determine the future of our students and their ability to compete and succeed in the decades to come.  Research shows that students who take challenging, college-preparatory courses do better in school, even if they started out with poor test scores and low expectations.  Students who take rigorous courses are also less likely to drop out, and they perform better in vocational and technical courses (O’Connell, Jack.  Ventura County Star, 2004).

Students often times want to switch from a class that is challenging.  They would like to take the easy way:  less homework, minimal study, better test/quiz scores.  This, however, will not prepare them for the rigors of life.  Parents must support and back the school’s decisions by allowing their children to stay in these rigorous courses.  More likely than not, students can perform well, if they put the time and effort needed to take them to the next level.  Cruising through the coursework isn’t always the best.  Many times it takes stumbling and clawing back to the top to really feel that gratification and achievement.

At Chippewa Valley’s Ninth Grade Center, the staff takes great pride in placing students in their appropriate performance level.  Counselors and teachers take into account the individual skills, strengths, and abilities of each student.  Classrooms then respect the student achievement so that teachers can focus their delivery of content in a more targeted way.  Data-driven assessments allow us to place each student in his or her most appropriate educational setting.  Our students need to gear toward January 25, 2017, as their target date {Semester Exams}.  They cannot say, “Wow, this stuff is getting hard!”, but hopefully, “Wow, this stuff is getting challenging!”  I am hoping ALL our students will accept the challenge, work hard through the end of the semester, and RAISE THEIR ACADEMIC BAR!