Our Vision

We are building a better world, one student at a time.

Mission Statement

The mission of Ottawa School is to educate all students to their highest potential through a cooperative process between school, home and community. Through this partnership, we will work together in a safe and caring environment to prepare our children for a future filled with opportunities for lifelong learning.

Mission Statement

Written by the Ottawa Student Council The goal of everyone at Ottawa is to educate or teach all students. We want the students to try their best and to be responsible for their actions and work. Teachers want family members to work with students so they can be successful learners now and in the future. The goal of everyone at Ottawa is to make our school a safe and respectful place to learn.


Ottawa Elementary is a Reward School 

The state has identified some schools with the status of Reward, Focus, or Priority. A Reward school is one that is outperforming other schools in achievement, growth, or is performing better than other schools with a similar population. A Focus school is one that has a large achievement gap in 30% of its student achievement scores. A Priority school is one whose achievement and growth is in the lowest 5% of all schools in the state. 

I am very proud to announce that Ottawa Elementary is a Reward school.  We are ranked number one of all of the other schools with similar demographics.   This affirms all of our hard work and attempt at individualizing each student’s education.   We could not have done this by ourselves. This was and will continue to be a team effort.   By working closely with our parents and students, we were able to achieve this wonderful accomplishment.   Ottawa is a Reward school!

Enjoy the attached video with remarks from Mr. Lockhart regarding Ottawa Elementary.



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