Welcome to Cheyenne Elementary School!  My name is Mark Johnson and I am the Principal at Cheyenne Elementary.  I have been serving the Chippewa Valley community since 2005 at the elementary and secondary levels.  Over the past eleven years I have been a third grade teacher at Miami Elementary, and have worked as part of the administrative teams at Iroquois Middle School, Wyandot Middle School, Shawnee Elementary and Cheyenne Elementary.

Like you, my children attend Chippewa Valley Schools.  My wonderful wife is a Kindergarten teacher at Miami Elementary, my son and daughter attend Miami Elementary, and I have a daughter who attends Wyandot Middle School. 

As an administrator I believe in building positive relationships between the school and community.  My goal as Cheyenne's Principal is to be an educational resource for staff, students and parents.  At the core of every successful educational experience is a team of parents, educators, and students working together to make learning meaningful and engaging.  Cheyenne offers many programs for students and families to be involved in.  Take advantage of the great events the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) coordinates and bring the whole family! 

Our goal at Cheyenne is to ensure the safety of all students and staff every day.  Chippewa Valley Schools has put into place security measures for all buildings for the 2018-2019 school year. 

All school doors will be locked while students are in session (9:02 AM - 3:50 PM).
Enter through the Main North doors only.  All other doors will remain locked.
Doors will be open for student arrival and dismissal, and day/evening programs.
At the Main Entrance, all visitors MUST press the Office button for access to the Office.  There is a Latchkey button to notify Child Care.  Please look directly into the camera and provide your name, name of your student and teacher’s name for our employees monitoring the camera.
Please present your identification to our Office staff or in the case of SACC, our Child Care staff.

In the past, we have sent out a newsletter each month, however, we have noticed a lot of the information is duplicated in adjacent months. We feel we can streamline this process to make it more effective and informative and reduce the amount of waste and paperwork coming home to our families. Therefore, to help support our green school initiatives, we will be publishing a bi-monthly newsletter for the remainder of the school year. I have detailed the schedule for publishing our school newsletters below:






As always, our newsletter will be available on our website. Thank you for your support of our green school initiatives and helping Cheyenne earn green school points.

Yours in education,

Mr. Johnson


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Mark Johnson

Cheyenne Elementary
Phone: 586-723-5000