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Dear Parents:

I hope that this time of year finds you well and you are enjoying the pleasant weather.  We had a fantastic time celebrating March is Reading Month and want to thank those of you that supported the great initiative.  Once again, Ms. Paglia planned a fun filled month of activities to foster the love of reading.  Students enjoyed mystery readers, author studies and plenty of engaging activities to celebrate their reading successes.

As we approach the end of the school year, I want to remind you of parking lot procedures.  I respectfully ask that you follow our procedures and support our safety efforts.   For those families that drive their child to school in the morning, be advised that the drop off lane, that is designated by traffic cones, is intended only for those that are dropping off children that can quickly exit the vehicle on the passenger side.  If your child requires assistance exiting the car, this is not the appropriate drop off location.  The drop off lane is intended to move at a fast pace so our students can enter the building quickly, cars can move along making space for additional vehicles and busses can make it through the lot without having to wait.  If you have a child that requires assistance, please park your vehicle and walk them into the school building by using the crosswalk.  The drop off lane is not to be used by parents that need to park and exit their vehicle to assist their child.  Staff and parent volunteers usher cars in the drop off lane to move along so that other vehicles and busses can move through the lot.  Please understand that as important as time is for everyone, our busses must drop off students and exit the lot quickly to make it to their other elementary school pick up locations on time. 

In effort to limit overcrowding and ensure that all students make it to their appropriate location, we stagger our dismissal times.  First, students that are part of our childcare program are dismissed so they can be checked in before the rest of our students are released.  Next we release our younger students and then follow by dismissing the older students.  If you are waiting for your child in the parent pick up area, please park your vehicle in a designated parking space.  Many parents are illegally parking and creating a hazardous situation.  In addition, there are several cars in the parent pick up lane that hold up the traffic because they are waiting curbside for their child.  If you have a child in the older grades, please understand that they are released later than the rest of the students.  If you are in the parent pick up lane you will back up traffic as no other cars can move because they must wait for you to move along before they can.  In this situation, please park your vehicle and stand at the parent pick up area to wait for your child.  I understand the frustration of not finding a parking space, but your patience is needed here as well.  If you cannot find a parking space, I urge you to keep driving around the lot until you can find a parking spot.  Remember that dismissal is staggered so you will find a legal parking space if you are patient and keep the flow of traffic.  As a reminder, no students should be running out to the parking lot without an adult assisting them.  I am deeply concerned when I see parents in the outside lane of the lot signaling to their child to walk through the pick-up lane and over the chains to their vehicle.  Please refrain from doing this as it creates an unsafe situation.  

During the month of April and May, we will administer the Michigan Student Test of Education Progress (M-STEP) to third, fourth and fifth grade students.  The tests are designed to measure the academic growth of each student and their progress at a given grade level.  The test was administered last year and students demonstrated great skill and academic success.  These state assessment scores are used to place students in appropriate classes and determine the supports and challenges that they need to make their learning experience optimal.  Our students continue to score above county and state averages and our state score card proves that our students are continuing to excel. 

Did you get a chance to make it to our Springo Bingo night? It was another successful PTO event that brought us together for an entertaining evening.  DJ Ketchup kept us dancing and I hear the Bingo Announcer was also a big hit.  Our Ojibwa’s PTO volunteers do a fantastic job hosting family events and bringing us together to have some fun.  Not only will the upcoming Ice Cream Social be a night you will not want to miss, but I think I agreed to become a human ice cream sundae during the event.  What did I get myself into? 

As we approach the end of the school year, parents inquire about placement for the following year.  Per district policy, Ojibwa does not accept specific teacher requests.  If you have specific information that you would like to share with us, please read the following Student Information Form letter and requirements. 

Thank you for being part of our Ojibwa family and supporting our efforts.

Yours in Education,
Marina Licari




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