Homework Helper

HW Helper is an after school program available to all students who may need academic help.  A staff member is present to supervise and assist students, and members from the High School National Honors Society are available to tutor.  

Permission Slip 2017-2018


Summer Math Packets

2017 math packet for 6th to 7th

2017 math packet for 6th to 7th answer guide

2017 math packet for 7th to 8th

2017 math packet for 7th to 8th answer guide

2017 math packet for 8th to 9th w/answer guide

Summer Learning Suggestions

Page 1

Page 2


Grade Level Supply Lists for 2017-2018

2017-2018 6th Grade Supplies

2017-2018 7th Grade Supplies

2017-2018 8th Grade Supplies


Collect Box Tops Over the Summer

Help your school by collecting box tops over the summer and bringing them in next school year.  Use this sheet.    


Math Support Site

Parents:  looking for some great resources to help support your student's math program?  Here is the official help site of our CMP3 Math.   https://connectedmath.msu.edu/families/


Box Tops & Coke Rewards

Wyandot accepts all Box Tops and Coke Rewards daily to help supplement our supplies and extra- curricular purchases.  Please send them to the office with your student. 


Apply for Free/Reduced Lunch Here!

Go to Lunchapp.com to begin the application process. 


Edmodo Instructions

Several Wyandot teachers use the interactive Edmoto site as part of their classroom instruction.  Instructions for how to use the site can be found here.  Edmoto Helpful Hints for Students  


Parking Lot

Please take a minute to view our parking lot procedures for pick-up and drop off.  Your cooperation is appreciated.  The safety of our students is our number one priority. 

Parking Lot Map


Student Email Accounts

Chippewa Valley Schools will be providing each student with an email account for school use.  Please review the following document for more details.  Click here. 


Employment Opportunities

Chippewa Valley Schools is looking for individuals to work in our schools on an as-needed basis as lunch monitors, food service helpers, crossing guards, custodians and bus drivers.