College Information

Are YOU preparing yourself for college? There are things you can be doing during each of your high school years. Use this COLLEGE PREPARATORY CHECKLIST  to prepare yourself for admitance into that dream university!

It is a GREAT idea to visit campuses before commiting to enrollment. Seniors are alloted five "School Business" absences for the purpose of visiting university campuses.  Please request permission, prior to the visit, by submitting the form found here.

A campus visit will allow you to see the college, as well as learn specific information that will help you make an informed decision about the school. For the best ideas of what to cover while visiting a campus, use the CHECKLIST found here.


List of various colleges that includes contact information, location, population, tuition cost, and minimum ACT/SAT scores for admission.


College Atlas - Encyclopedia of Higher Education


College Affordability Guide 

by Degree Prospects




College Exploration and Planning

 BigFuture - SAT Site

 College Greenlight



 College Answer Guy

 Six Ways College is Different from High School - Short Article

 Johns Hopkins Essays that Worked - Examples of effective college admissions essays from

                                                                 Johns Hopkins University


Career Exploration

My Next Move - Michigan Career Exploration Site

Apprenticeship Information - Info and contact information for construction related


MSU Pre-Med Handbook - Information on how to prepare yourself in high school and

                                             college to apply for med school.