Dear Sequoyah Friends:

As an elementary school principal, there are times when I feel like the person who was walking past a construction area.  There were several workers engaged in various activities, and the person asked three of them the same questions, "What are you doing?"

The first worker replied flippantly, "I'm hauling bricks from one place to another and trying not to think about it!"

Said the second, "I'm earning a living the best way I can."

And the third answered, "I'm building a great hospital - a place that will make tomorrow better!"

As an elementary principal, I can really sympathize with the last worker's appraisal, because I realize only too well that here, at Sequoyah, we are not just moving children around from one grade to another; we are building for their future and building for our future as well.  We are aiming at nurturing the young people who will make tomorrow better, and I am extremely proud to be a part of that.

In addition, I have always considered Sequoyah a great place for learning.  Of course I've had a few off days (who hasn't) and we all have those days when we are certain that the rain clouds will never go away, but for the most part, there have been precious few days these past seven years when I have not walked into this building and found it a great place to be - a place where I felt safe, a place that gave to me as I gave to it, a place where I was happy.

I think about that sometimes.  I find that there is a hope within me; a hope that everyone in this place shares my feeling.  Oh, of course, I realize that in any place where more than two people share the same space, there will also be disagreement; I realize that there will be those who, for whatever reason, would be anywhere else but here.  Nevertheless, I continue to hope that Sequoyah and the teaching we offer here, provides an atmosphere where everyone will feel that safety and warmth; that everyone will feel something special upon arriving; that for all, this will be a great place to be.

If a school is meeting the needs of its students, and by projection, the needs of the community it serves, then it will be a place where the student is nurtured and satisfied with knowledge and encouraged to try out that knowledge - to experiment and grow.  When that happens, school is a  nurturing and nourishing place, it becomes a place where a person can come to find needs met, individuality accommodated, and growth - both mental and physical - encouraged.  Such a place as that will, indeed, be a great place to be.

I want to feel that Sequoyah is that great place.  I want to feel that we are meeting needs, that we are serving our community, that we are satisfying our students.

This is a great place for us all.

This is a happy place for us all.

This is a nourishing place for us all.

This is our Sequoyah and we are proud of it!


Ted Zotos


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Ted Zotos

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