Club advisor - Ms. Lolich

WHEN: Wednesday. Schedule below.

WHERE: Room 221 (See bulletin board for dates)

TIME: 2:21









Originally, the mission of the SADD chapter was to help young people say "No" to drinking and driving. Today, the mission has expanded. Students have told us that positive peer pressure, role modeling and environmental strategies can prevent other destructive decisions and set a healthier, safer course for their lives. And that is why SADD has become a peer-to-peer education, prevention, and activism organization dedicated to preventing destructive decisions, particularly underage drinking, other drug use, risky and impaired driving, teen violence, and teen suicide.

SADD's mission:
To provide students with the best prevention tools possible to deal with the issues of underage drinking, other drug use, impaired driving and other destructive decisions.

Policy Against Use of Alcoholic Beverages by Underage Youth (“No Use” Policy)

SADD does not support or condone the use of alcohol by underage young people. The purchase and public possession of alcoholic beverages by anyone under the age of 21 is illegal in all 50 states.

Alcohol alters an individual's vision, reaction times, perception of distance, and judgment of one's abilities. For adolescents, whose brains are still developing in critical ways, alcohol use makes them more vulnerable to learning and memory impairments. The use of alcohol is frequently coupled with risky and potentially destructive behaviors such as physical and emotional violence, rude or thoughtless remarks or actions, sexual mistakes or misjudgments, sexual assaults, and suicide acts and attempts.

SADD believes that young people can have fun, enjoy life and nurture positive personal relationships without the distraction and distortion of alcohol. SADD seeks to demonstrate positive and attractive alternatives to alcohol and other drug-infused activities for teenagers.

SADD does not believe that it is possible to break the law responsibly. SADD and its chapters do not support or condone activities that encourage or enable the use of alcohol by underage young people, including the following activities:

  • Designated Driver programs for underage young people
  • Safe Rides programs
  • Parties where alcohol is served under the supervision of or with the knowledge or consent of parents or other adults
  • Drinking subject to passing a Breathalyzer test

SADD is an inclusive, not an exclusive, organization. SADD recognizes that the pressures on young people to drink, use illicit drugs and engage in other unhealthy behaviors are strong. SADD seeks not to punish or alienate those students who make unfortunate choices but rather aims to inform, educate, support and empower young people to make positive decisions in their lives.


The SADD Calendar includes activities and events that SADD chapters all over the country may partake in. Some activities listed below are in progress or are being considered by this year's club.










SADD offers two electronic communication resources – a monthly student/advisor e-newsletter called “The SADDvocate” and a monthly parent e-newsletter called “ParentTeen Matters.”  You can sign up for either or both of these e-newsletters by clicking here.



How do I join SADD? Each year is a new year for enrollment. You do not need to be in SADD every year. Any interested students who would like to join the group should do so no later than the October meeting which is our open enrollment month. This gives you the opportunity to be fully involved all year. Listen to the announcements to when the first meeting will be held or check back here for updates.

How much of a time commitment will I need to make? Members meet once a month or more if they are working with a committee. All meetings are after school and held on Wednesday's as announced each year. This day was picked to avoid conflict with other clubs and organizations. You may join SADD at any time if other commitments are an issue. We always welcome new members!  If you are involved in a fall sport, no problem. Join us in December!!

Is there any cost to SADD?  Dues are $20. This covers your T-shirt and allows us to have pizza and breadsticks at all our meetings after school. Great snack after a long day! Please bring something to drink or visit the vending machine before the meeting. Dues need to be paid in full by November so T-shirts can be ordered ASAP. Members joining after this time are only asked to pay $10 to cover pizza and breadsticks. You may order a T-shirt if order has not been placed.

What do I do in SADD?  Our officers decide on different events they want to chair/host for the year. They are very open to member ideas that you may have so please bring the ideas to the club! Any idea that can be promoted in a positive manner to make change in our student body is exactly what we are all about.

What can I expect from SADD?  As a role model, you are expected to refrain from destructive activities and/or decisions that may present themselves to you. You will be asked to sign a contract that commits you to this positive role model behavior. You are ultimately a leader in our school on and off campus. We expect you to contribute to SADD at our meetings by generating ideas, leadership and most importantly friendships with all the members. Each month is a fun and positive experience. At the end of the year, we usually have a team-building activity at CJ Barrymoore's. Everyone has a chance to wrap up the year, bring new ideas to the table for the next school year, say good-bye to our seniors, and ultimately enjoy the last meeting in a fun way.


See Ms. Lolich for a yearly schedule of the club meeting dates. It is also posted outside room 221 on the SADD bulletin board. Come check it out!