Technology Plan

Chippewa Valley Schools Tech Plan

Chippewa Valley Schools' current technology plan is approved by the Board of Education and by the State of Michigan. The current plan along with previous tech plans can be accessed below.



2012 Technology Plan
2012 Technology Plan Approval Letter



Technology Plan
Confirmation of Receipt of CVS Technology Plan Letter HTML
2009 Technology Plan Approval Letter
Internet Compliance Documentation -  Board Meeting Agenda July 20, 2009



Tech Plan
Acceptance Letter from State of Michigan
Tech Plan Amendments 12-2007
Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) in the new Technology Plan

  • The AUP begins on page 24 of the tech plan.
  • AUP 2006

Read the AUP as revised in 2006, this policy governs Internet and network technology use.

The AUP states that parents must give permission before student photos are posted on web pages.


Technology Plan in PDF format