Visiting Teams/Athletic Trainers:

Welcome to Dakota High School! You will find the main Athletic Training Room located outside the main gym next door to the Athletic Office. A second Athletic Training Room is located in the tunnel of the stadium during the fall and spring seasons.

An AED will be on site for all athletic events held at Dakota.

We are happy to provide the following for all visiting football teams:

  • Water Access

  • Injury Ice

We are happy to provide the following for all indoor/outdoor sports:

  • Water/Cups

  • Injury Ice

We are happy to tape any visiting athlete upon request. To better serve your athlete:

  • If your athlete requires a special taping please, notify that athletic trainer ahead of time or send the name of the taping and/or instructions with the athlete.

  • If your athlete requires taping outside of regular athletic tape, please send the tape with your athlete.

If you have any questions or special concerns, feel free to contact me.

Melissa Vincke, AT, ATC, ITAT

Office: (586) 723-2806