Chippewa Valley Ski and Snowboard Club

Ms. Lolich will not have a ski & snowboard club this season. There is no staff member at this time that has volunteered to run this non-sponsored club.

Informational meeting is held late November early/December each year in room 221. Listen to announcements for specific date around this time of year.


If you have been a member in the past, you do not need to attend this meeting. Just pick up the seasonal packet from the basket by Ms. Lolich's door. Be sure to read packet thoroughly so you are clearly aware of the season's information.


Have more questions?  Please see the most Frequently Asked Questions page. This sheet is VERY helpful in answering anything you want to know. After you have read it, then contact Ms. Lolich if your question was not answered. Just about every question that has been asked is clearly explained in this informational link.

Want to check ski conditions right now?  Go to Pine Knob's page to get your answer.


Ski Trip

Trip information


If you miss the meeting, print the following 4 links below.  These will be printable during the time of enrollment. Review the FAQ page as well with your parents. Just about all questions you may have can be answered there.

Completed paperwork (#1 and #2 below) and full payment will be accepted before and after school only in Ms. Lolich's room. Room 221. She is teaching during the day and can't take paperwork between classes.

Thank you for your understanding.

PDF Document1. Registration/Permission

PDF Document2. Bus Permission Slip

PDF Document3. General Information

PDF Document4. Ski and Snowboard Club Rules


If you pay in cash, you will immediately receive your student discount card and can start hitting the slopes immediately. Those paying by check, will get their card on our first scheduled trip.

Reminder: Since ski trips can be cancelled due to many unforeseen circumstances, we ask that you are patient with the make up date process. All efforts will be made to ensure 4 trips are taken but these are not guaranteed. This is explained on the FAQ page if you need more information.