Bond Improvements

2010 Bond Program




On February 23, 2010, Chippewa Valley School residents approved an $89 million capital improvement program that will help Chippewa Valley Schools continue its tradition of excellence and provide our children and community with much needed improvements and upgrades to our schools.
This bond proposal offers many improvements and upgrades but focuses only on the essential needs of the district that were identified as part of an overall five-year strategic plan.
Four major areas are identified for improvement, they are...

*Educational Technology - Replacement of out-dated equipment and systems / addition of new 21st Century Classroom technology designed to improve student learning:

Technology is an important learning tool for today's students. These new classroom systems will feature interactive white boards, audio enhancement, data projectors, and document cameras providing every teacher with enhanced instructional capabilities. Each building will also receive handheld classroom response systems. District servers and infrastructure upgrades are needed to maintain and support current and new technology and outdated computers will be replaced.

*Safety Improvement:

Security cameras, building surveillance systems at all levels, an expanded card access system, and bus replacements will help ensure the safety of our students.

*Facility Upgrades and Energy Conservation:

Our school facilities require upgrades and improvements. Selected roof replacement, parking lots, and exterior site work improvements are needed along with equipment and furniture replacement in some schools. New electronic building signage where needed. New energy efficient lighting, motion sensors and auto-shut off systems will be installed to reduce energy utilization and costs.

*Student Enhancements:

New playground equipment will be added or old equipment will be replaced at elementary schools.