Clap Out Routes

On Tuesday, May 26th, we are planning a “drive-through clap-out” for our seniors who are graduating, for our 8th graders who will be transitioning to high school, and for our fifth graders who will be transitioning to middle school. 

We are inviting students and families to decorate their cars, for seniors to don their caps and gowns, and for all three of these groups of students to participate in a “drive-through clap out.”  We want our fifth-grade families to drive through the parking lot (or identified route) of their school to be celebrated by our teachers, we want our 8th graders to do the same at their middle schools, and our high school students to drive through their elementary school and middle school lots if they attended Chippewa Valley Schools other than our high schools.  The seniors could then drive through their high school lots.  Our staffs want to see the kids and celebrate them and their achievements. 

During this event, no students or families should be getting out of their vehicles, and anyone who tries to attend the event on foot will be turned away.  We are going to maintain social distancing rules and keep everyone safe during this event.  

Building Clap Out Routes: 

Cherokee Elementary
Cheyenne Elementary
Clinton Valley Elementary
Erie Elementary
Fox Elementary
Huron Elementary
Miami Elementary
Mohawk Elementary
Ojibwa Elementary
Ottawa Elementary
Sequoyah Elementary
Shawnee Elementary

Algonquin Middle School
Iroquois Middle School
Seneca Middle School
Wyandot Middle School

Chippewa Valley High School
Dakota High School
Mohegan High School