Newly Married Employees

Newly Married Employees


Offices of Retirement Services - Name/Address Change
Please use this form to inform the Offices of Retirement Services of your new name and your address change.

MESSA Enrollment /Change of Status
Please use the following forms to add a spouse to your medical insurance and to also change your name and address with MESSA:

     MESSA Beneficiary Designation Form 
     MESSA Member Change Form 
     MESSA Beneficiary Address Form
Beneficiary Change Request
Please use this form to nominate or change the beneficiary.

Vision - Subscriber Change Form Request
Please use this form to change any information with your eye care insurance such as; name, address, adding and/or deleting coverage for a dependent.

Pension Beneficiary Form
Please log on to this site to nominate a beneficiary or change your beneficiary at the Offices of Retirement Services.

Dental Change Form
For name/address changes; or to add or remove dependents with Dental.