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School Bond Election

Chippewa Valley Schools
Bond Proposal 2017

Just the facts!



Chippewa Valley Schools – May 2, 2017 Bond Proposal

On May 2, 2017, Chippewa Valley Schools will ask residents to vote on an $89.9 million bond proposal to provide our school buildings with much-needed improvements and technology upgrades for our students.

Chippewa Valley’s May 2nd Bond Proposal is about enhancing the educational program and protecting the community’s investment in our schools.  Every bond proposal project—over 100 of them!—has been reviewed and approved by the Michigan Department of Treasury. 
Why is CVS asking residents to vote on this bond proposal?  Building improvements will enhance student safety, and keep our buildings up-to-date and in good working order.  Elementary students will have access to technology for our new Science/STEM lessons. Secondary level students will have laptop carts for the new English Language Arts courses.  
Fifty-two percent of the proposed bond funds will be used for student safety and facility upgrades (things like security camera updates, door locks, roofs, parking lots, flooring, and mechanical equipment). 
When computers and buses are purchased with bond funds, they are paid off within their anticipated useful life.  (Computers in 5 years, and buses within the first 10 years).  Taxpayers do not continue to pay for computers and buses past their anticipated useful life.
Chippewa Valley Schools is fiscally responsible!  CVS is Michigan’s largest, lowest funded school district, yet CVS spends more on classroom instruction and less on administrative and operational costs than most Michigan school districts.

If the bond proposal is approved by voters, the district’s current debt mills will be increased by one-half mill or $50 a year (or less than $1 per week) for a homeowner living in a $200,000 home.  As older bonds are paid off, the district simply applies more of the debt mills to pay down the 2017 bond.
Communities with quality public schools and up-to-date school facilities tend to have higher real estate values. Remodeling and upgrading school buildings and facilities also protects the community’s investment in the school district.

Some Basic Facts

The primary purpose of this bond proposal is to renovate and upgrade schools and school district facilities, to upgrade technology, and to replace school buses.
The bond proposal projects fall into seven basic categories:
  1. Improve school parking lots and sidewalks.
  2. Replace selected roofing and mechanical and electrical systems.
  3. Upgrade classrooms and other instructional spaces.
  4. Upgrade elementary school play areas and secondary school athletic facilities.
  5. Update technology infrastructure and provide more computing devices for classroom use and instructional purposes.
  6. Enhance school security and student safety.
  7. Replace old school buses as they reach the end of their useful life.

The bond proposal on the May 2nd ballot will affect every CVS student, every CVS school, and every CVS school facility.

Every bond proposal project has been approved by the Michigan Department of Treasury.