2011-2012 Workshops

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2011 - 2012 Workshops:

Our workshops are activities that recognize and support the unique cultural and educational needs of Indian children and incorporate qualified tribal elders and seniors. They are held four times per year at Cheyenne Elementary School, 47600 Heydenreich Rd., Macomb, MI.




Choker workshop         Nature workshop

Students enjoyed stories by our guest, Genot "Winter Elk" Picor. Afterwords, we made chokers of either hairpipe beads or "bear claw" necklaces. Indians used bones, shells, and trade beads to make beautiful adornments to decorate their clothing.

        Ms. Susan Wrobel was our guest speaker for this informative workshop on the ways our ancestors used the things in their environment for daily living.
We learned of the 13 full moons occurring each year, with each moon having a special significance. We saw that baskets could be made out of anything and we made dolls out of corn husks.





Field Trip to Ziibiwing Center


Turtle Rattle

carvings         Rattle workshop
This amazing cultural center is located on the Chippewa Indian Reservation in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. Our guided tour led us in the footsteps of our ancestors from ancient times to the present day.         Rattles are only one of the many musical instruments Native Americans used to communicate with the spirit world. Rattles could be made of turtle shells, gourds, rawhide or wood, depending on the tribe. Rattles helped to keep the rhythm during tribal dances and ceremonies.