Before School

Doors open at 7:00

Breakfast served in the cafeteria at 7:00

All 6th and 7th graders arriving before 7:51 must report to the cafeteria

All 8th graders arriving before 7:51 must report to the main hallway between the east and west hallways

Students may only be in the pods before 7:51 to walk through from drop off or with staff permission

After School

All students must exit the building by 3:00 unless participating in a supervised activity or waiting at door #2

Any unsupervised student remaining in the building after 3:00 must be waiting on the benches inside door #2 and must be picked up by 4:00

Cell Phones

The district cell phone policy is as follows: During school hours the cell phone must remain off, unless designated otherwise, by administration, teachers and other staff.  When directed, cell phones shall be turned off and stored away.  The use of cell phones in gym/athletic locker rooms and restrooms is prohibited.

Seneca designates otherwise as follows: Each individual teacher may allow the use of cell phones in the classroom for school related activities. Cell phones are not allowed in the cafeteria on a regular basis. Instead students are encouraged to interact with one another. Occasionally administration will allow the use of cell phones in the cafeteria. Administration will allow students to use phones at their lockers to communicate with parents as needed. When students leave their locker, cell phones should be put away. Except for at lockers, cell phones should not be used in the hallways. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in disciplinary action.

Dress Code

The following is a summary of the policies stated in the Chippewa Valley Schools Secondary Schools Student Code of Conduct (Dress and Grooming p. 22) 

The following are prohibited from school and school related activities:  

  • tank tops, halter/tube tops, short tops exposing waistline, 
  • shirts excessively unbuttoned or low cut
  • exposed undergarments, 
  • sunglasses, head scarves, bandannas, hats  
  • mesh shirts, see-through materials,  
  • short shorts/skirts, 
  • distastefully ripped garments,  
  • anything that advertises tobacco, alcohol, or drugs 
  • anything that defames or harasses any person or group of people, promotes deviant/violent/indecent behavior, or states/suggests disloyalty to our country or school  

School authorities reserve the right to prohibit and regulate any items of clothing or personal possessions which are, or could be, unsafe, unhealthy, or disruptive to the regular routine of the school. 


Any student reaching 3 or more days of suspension or 5 or more office referrals will be on probation and at risk of being excluded from extra-curricular activities and/or field trips. Consequences for a 3 or more day suspension may include exclusion or once a student is on probation any further disciplinary action may result in exclusion. This will be at the discretion of administration.

How we treat each other

Any words that may be considered to intimidate or demean or are hurtful in any way are unacceptable and will result in consequences. This includes use of any words or statements related to a person's race or ethnicity.

Passing time

Keep your hands to yourself, walk, and be on time.

Taking care of our school

Take care of our school. Pick up and throw away trash. Don't vandalize.

Attendance and Absent Work

1. Be in school. When you are absent from school you miss opportunities for active participation, collaboration, and discovery.

2. All absent work should be requested from your teacher on the day that you return to school from an absence.

3. Before that point, you should access information through teachers' websites.

4. Any make-up work that is assigned must be completed within the same number of school days that were missed.

5. You will need to do some work independently using available resources.

6. Teachers may give work prior to vacation at their discretion.