Field Trips

Eligibility for after school activities and field trips explained.

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

Computer use form (required) by district/school.

Secondary Schools Handbook

Student Handbook of rules, policies, and procedures.

Tom Gibala Recreational Fund

In the memory of Tom Gibala... Mr. Gibala was an avid sports fan and also a coach. He loved to work with young people and encouraged them to become involved in athletic activities. We have dedicated funds for students in need of a way to finance participation in after school, sports related activities, involving at Seneca (bowling, skiing, etc.) The maximum amount available to a student is $50 and may be used for registration/participation fees - not equipment. An application form has been created on which the student must write a short essay about why they would like to participate in the activity. A teacher or counselor signature is needed and a parent section to verify financial need. Application forms will need to be submitted two weeks prior to the activity's registration deadline. A committee of school staff will review applications and decide on recipients.

General Tips for Parents

8 Rules for Kids

BeforE & After School Tips for Kids

Volunteer Criminal Background Check

Anyone chaperoning a trip, or working within the school building, must have this form completed and submitted.

Bowling Shirt

For the League.