teacher with students

Seneca Green Team Member Rules 

To help our meetings run more smoothly, Green Team members are expected to follow these rules:

1. Please make sure that your parents know that you have a meeting after school and that all arrangements for a ride home are made before the meeting begins. No phone calls home after the meeting starts.

2.  Be in room #303 ready to begin by 2:55. Trips to the restroom or to get a drink should be taken care of before then.

3.  Listen to and follow directions.

4. If you are assigned a duty outside of the room, you should only be in the area of the school you are assigned.  When on recycling duty, you do not enter a teacher’s room if the door to the hallway is locked.

5. Keep in mind that teachers and students may still be working in classrooms, even though it is after school.  Use quiet, inside voices when in the hall and observe all hallway rules.

6.  Do your part in accomplishing the task at hand and stay focused J

7.  When we are finished, everyone is expected to help clean up and stack chairs.

8. Have your transportation here for 4:00 pm pick-up. If walking home, leave promptly after the meeting.

9. Members who do not attend 3 or more meetings during the school year may be removed from the team.