teacher with student

To Sixth Grade Students and Parents/Guardians:

The Panther Cub Club is an activities club for sixth grade students only. It provides students opportunities to participate in fun activities and to interact with other students. Most activities will take place off school grounds. The tentative dates of events are as follows:

Panther Cub Club Letter, Click here


NEXT EVENT: (registration dates 12/14 thru 12/16)
Thursday, January 7th

COST: $10.00
Pickup: 4:30 PM Sharp  

Information for each activity will be given to all students who wish to participate during homeroom classes. There is always information available on the PCC bulletin board, the school website and the morning announcements. Registration will take place two-three weeks prior to the event. Each student must REGISTER for EACH activity by the due date listed on the informational form. Registration always takes place in the morning at tables near the back entrance of the building. Due to time restraints and check requests, we are not able to extend deadlines. In order to register, the student needs the permission slip and the payment. Checks are preferred. Sorry there are no refunds.

It is imperative that students are picked up on time. Students who have not arranged for a ride to pick them up on time will NOT be allowed to register for the next Panther Cub Club activity. Iroquois' code of conduct will be upheld during every activity. Students will be able to use their cell phones, as we know they may need to contact you during the event. Major infractions will be cause for office referrals and/or exclusion from the next activity. Furthermore, any student who has received an "N" or "U" on their progress report/report card will not be allowed to attend the corresponding Panther Cub Club Activity.

The club has three sponsors (listed below). If you have questions, please call the sponsor listed for that specific activity. Please don't hesitate to call or email us for any reason.

Best Regards,

The Panther Cub Club Team