Celebrating Ojibway Traditions


The Ojibwa School Beautification Committee, which consists of several interested staff members, met to plan a creative way to celebrate the history and culture of the Ojibway tribe (also known as the Chippewa) for which our school was named. When you enter the doors of our school , you will see that we are accomplishing that goal in stages each year. At the atrium entrance, you can't miss the huge hand-made dreamcatcher that hangs from the skylight surrounded by beautiful, painted Native American symbols. From the main entrance by the office you will see a unique design that was inspired by the study of Chippewa Indian legends. The dreamcatcher was created by two of our teachers here at Ojibwa School - Ms. Ciccone and Mrs. Freeman. The artwork was designed and painted by Mr. Scott Auch, a talented, local graphic illustrator. Mr. Auch did extensive research on the Ojibway Indians before sketching out his ideas for this project and showed us his own interpretation of animals and characters from the legends that he read. Students, staff members, and visitors have been enjoying his artistic efforts. The Beautification Committee invites you to experience the artwork yourself the next time you visit our school.

Mr. Auch was interviewed by students in a fourth grade class. This interview was video-taped and shown to the entire student body to help the students understand the meaning of the artwork.


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