I'm frequently asked by parents, "What can be done to make the traffic in the parking lot move more smoothly?" Here are ways that you can help:


Park in the diagonal spaces correctly. Head-in parking is required. Think about mall parking when parking in our lot.

Be courteous to other drivers. Let someone in. Pay that act of kindness forward by doing the same. These are "teachable moments" for you to share with your child. Disregarding basic traffic rules sets negative examples for children.

Be courteous to our crossing guards. They are here to ensure the safety of every child. The crossing guards still have to do their jobs and cannot engage in dialogue. If you have an issue, please call the office.

Form TWO lanes when exiting. The crossing guards will make sure you get out of the lot in a timely fashion.

No child should ever walk through the parking lot unattended. Children should not cross between cars.

Finally, please do not cross at the entrance/exit of the driveway at dismissal time. We have placed an orange cone as a "reminder" that crossing at that point is not allowed. Crossing disrupts the traffic flow as well as being unsafe for crossers.


Parking Lot Configuration