Our Water

Our Water. Our Future. Ours to Protect.

Chippewa Valley Schools is proud to partner with many local communities to promote clean water. We strive to provide students, parents, and community members with information and resources on how they can help prevent pollution and protect our water resources.

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Healthy Lawn Care Information

Click here to view Clinton River Watershed Council events

The Clinton River Watershed Council and communities in Southeast Michigan need your input about our water resources including the Clinton River and Lake St. Clair.  Please take a few moments to complete the survey below.  Thank you.


Seven Simple Steps to Clean Water...

  1. Help keep pollution out of storm drains
  2. Fertilize sparingly and caringly
  3. Carefully store and dispose of household cleaners, chemicals, and oil
  4. Clean up after your pet
  5. Practice good car care
  6. Choose earth friendly landscaping
  7. Save water

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 Environmental Info and Watershed Related Activities

• Clinton River Watershed Council, link: www.crwc.org 
• Clinton River Water Festival, link: www.oakland.edu/clintonriverwaterfestival
• Lake Saint Clair Water Festival, link: www.lakestclairwaterfestival.org/
• Michigan Green schools Program, link: www.michigangreenschools.us/
• SEMCOG website, link: www.semcog.org/
• Macomb County Health Department, link: http://www.macombgov.org/publichealth/
• Make Macomb your Home, link: http://makemacombyourhome.com/
• Clinton River Watershed event guide, link: www.crwc.org/event/crwc-event
• Household Hazardous Waste Disposal, link:
• RV Waste Dumpsites, links: http://www.rvdumps.com/dumpstations/michigan