To begin the hiring process, you must complete the processing packet below. In addition, you must view the four required training tutorials. When all items are completed, call (586) 723 – 2090 to make an appointment with Human Resources to review your paperwork. Please be sure to bring your social security card and driver’s license with you at this time.

By law, all school district employees, 19 years of age or older, must be fingerprinted. If applicable, you will receive more information at the time of your appointment.


Personnel Data Sheet

Criminal Record Check

Conviction Disclosure

Unprofessional Conduct

I-9 (Open in Internet Explorer or Download through Chrome)

W-4 Federal

W-4 State

Pay Plan Card

Direct Deposit

Retirement Beneficiary

Retirement Information

Retirement Plan Acknowledgement Form                                                                                                *Only applicable if 19 years or older*

Conditional Employment

Receipt of Access Card

Acceptable Use Policy

FERPA Guideline Form

Bylaws and Policies 

*Please read the entire document. Only return the first page, signed*

Policies and Procedures

*Please read this document in its entirety, however, there is no need to print this document.*

On-Boarding Process

Training Tutorial Directions

Health Care Reform Information

Authorization to Release CRC*

*Applicable only to those who were fingerprinted for another district since January 1, 2006.*

Authorization to Release Info*

*This form only needs to be filled out if you have previously worked for another school district.*


*This form only needs to be completed if you have retired from a Michigan Public School District.*

Highly Qualified Forms:

*Print and fill out a highly qualified form for each Core Academic area you are HQ to teach, corresponding with the level (Elm, MS, HS) that you can teach that Core.*